urusei yatsura: always my darling

Urusei Yatsura Movie 6: Always My Darling MOVIE . They agree to leave only if Earth's champion can defeat the Oni champion in a game of tag within a ten-day time limit. Add the first question. Name..... Ataru Moroboshi gleefully chases girls across the Tomobiki fairgrounds. She tries to get Ataru to look at her, but he resists, unwilling to give up his girl-hunts. Running into his mother, who is out grocery shopping, he chats with her briefly before taking off again. View production, box office, & company info, Comic Book, Comic Strip and Graphic Novel Movies, Possible Adaptations of 80s-90s Animated TV Series. The animation is okay, the music is okay, what more is there to say ? Lum, cursing herself and her lack of patience, throws the Crystal Jar to the ground, where it shatters before everyone's eyes. At this Lum becomes extremely worried about him and prays for his safety. Unwilling to accept defeat, Lum stuffs the entire plant in his mouth. When everyone in town receives invitations to Ataru's wedding, they are shocked to see that his sweetheart Lum is not the bride. Lum rushes to the stunned Ataru, and tries the pour the Moondrop flower's nectar into his mouth... but no nectar comes from its petals. URUSEI YATSURA 6: ALWAYS MY DARLING (1991) It was a close-run thing for the worst film in the Urusei Yatsura series, but the final film, released in 1991 for the 10th anniversary of the TV show, just about claims this dubious honor. One of his comrades, a fellow merchant, tells him that Lupica is heading for Earth again, and suggests that she may have found an acceptable suitor there. Back on Lupica's planet, Lupica eagerly awaits Rio's tofu delivery. Lum arrives just in time to see the UFO warp out of the atmosphere. 3 months, 2 weeks ago Information. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The cast watches them go. It doesn't hurt the ship or Lupica, but it does destroy her flight pack. Kumiko Takahashi Then Lum arrives, and notices the bottle. Its pilot, yet another bazooka-wielding space princess, demands to know why the munchkins are taking so taking so long. 5. Needless to say, Lum, assisted by her friends Oyuki and Benten, gives chase. Distributor Lupica kidnaps Ataru to make him get the potion, and Lum and her friends go out to search for Ataru. Don't get irritated, just cram it into that space between 4 and 5, not that it's really that important. $27.00. Ataru is little more than a shadow of his former self. Planet #3. It seems that last night he rescued a frog from a well, and it turned out to be a 4000-year-old Chinese prince under a curse. In Tomobiki, Ataru hasn't recovered any from last night. is the sixth and final film in the Urusei Yatsura franchise. Heading for the exit, they are shocked when Ataru bursts out from a casket, where the trap had dumped him. The UFO doesn't seem to be vulnerable to anything that's being thrown at it, and at Oyuki's recommendation, Benten sets out for Lupica's world to get Rio, only to meet him coming in. According to Oyuki's almanac, Earth's next full is tonight. Hideo TakayashikiTomoko Konparu Seeing that she is unable to reason logically with him, Lupica resorts to deception. After buying yet another small ton of tofu from him, Lupica offers him a drink, unaware that Benten and Oyuki are watching from the bushes. Movie:Urusei Yatsura Only You: 7? Music PHIL COLLINS - SERIOUSLY LIVE 2- NO TICKET REQUIRED Laserdisc. When one of them mentions Lupica's eminent marriage and jokes about Rio's relationship with her, he laughs half-heartedly. Needless to say, Lum, assisted by her friends... 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Lupica denies responsibility for Ataru's condition, and is unable to provide a remedy for it. This FAQ is empty. Sequel | … Japanese Meanwhile, in a much dingier ginjoint not far away, Rio downs his sorrows in drink. The girls run out of the bar, leaving the old woman with the bill (again) until Lupica steps forward and offers to pay. Official Title: en Urusei Yatsura Movie 6: Always My Darling: Official Title: ja うる星やつら いつだって・マイ・ダーリン: Type: Movie: Year: 18.08.1991: Tags: alien This entity or creature was born on another world than the main characters., comedy Anime whose central struggle causes hilarious results. It centers on what is today a tried and true anime concept, a beautiful alien girl, Lum, falls in love with a rather ordinary and none to bright boy, Ataru. Shyly, he admits that he has few skills outside of tofu, but asks for Lupica's hand in marriage. Outside, Rio bows his head. It was adapted into an anime television series produced by Kitty Films and broadcast on Fuji Te… Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love. They wander from one man to the next, comparing each to their target's photograph, but not having much luck until Ataru (Lum hot on his heels), charges past. Screenplay You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Ataru looks thoughtful for a moment, then tells them to look at the bottom of the Tomobiki River. Three different, unique stories about an elite police force called the AD Police. There is, however, one thing that can still be done. And the crowd explodes. Urusei Yatsura 6: Always My Darling The series begins when aliens from the planet Oniboshi invade Earth. Urusei Yatsura Always My Darling Original Soundtrack. Urusei Yatsura: The Final Chapter. When Lupica points her bazooka at him and asks for the potion, Ataru directs her to the river.... Running home, Ataru decides that his only option is to use the love potion on Lupica. TMDb Score. Synopsis: Lupica, another one of the legion of space princesses that all seem to have found out about Earth in some tour book, appears and abducts Ataru! While they shuffle about with excuses, Ataru leaps into the ship to chase the girl and takes several direct hits before he stops moving. Urusei Yatsura Movie 6: Itsudatte My Darling In the sixth and final movie installment from Rumiko Takahashi , Lupica , yet another whacked out alien space princess, finds her way to Earth. For her part, Lum hasn't been seen since the episode with the smashing of the Crystal Jar. Romanization Deep within the pyramidal structure for which the world is named, Ataru, Lupica, and her servants wander through a dark labyrinth. He obviously fears the social taboo of a tofu vendor marrying a princess), she needs to get a love potion, which is in a certain temple. Eventually they get tired and string him up. Here, you will find content related to the Manga, the Anime and and the Games. Legend has it that the only person that can obtain this love potion is the most lecherous man in the universe. With Fumi Hirano, Toshio Furukawa, Naoko Matsui, Shinnosuke Furumoto. Steadman. In response, Lupica puts a headlock around Ataru, intending to keep Lum from administering the cure before the flower dies. The night before the school festival, things seem to be repeating themselves. Lupica, another one of the legion of space princesses that all seem to have found out about Earth in some tour book, appears and abducts Ataru. When Benten mentions that Ataru is the most lecherous guy in the universe, the old woman tells them about the legend of Planet Holy Temple. Hidenori Taga Rio stares into his drink. Arguing with Lupica for double-crossing him, he just manages to grab hold of the potion when Lum explodes through a nearby wall and makes off with him. As Benten and Oyuki assess the damage to the UFO, they discuss the trouble that is likely to ensue and decide to stay out of the whole love potion business. Urusei Yatsura 6: Always My Darling (1991) 08/16/1991 (JP) Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Romance 1h 17m User Score. She is the Royal Princess of the Universe, Lupica, and she needs to take him to the Planet Holy Temple in the far northeast corner quadrant so that he -- But Ataru, misunderstanding her words, is too busy agonizing about whether he's ready to marry this beautiful woman to listen to anything else she has to say. She is just within reach of her ship's entry bay when a shot from one of Mendo's ground tanks connects. Ataru and Lum must replay their fateful game of tag to decide the fate of Earth, that's being threatened by giant space mushrooms, as well as their relationship. It seems that Lum made a serious mistake in destroying the love potion, as a second dose would have overridden the previous one. Parent story | Winter 1985 Urusei Yatsura Movie 4: Lum The Forever. Lum switched the real potion with a fake, and added a little to the juice Ataru just drank. Snatching up the jar from the dinner table, he is too busy complimenting himself on his cleverness to pay attention when his "mother" offers him a glass of juice.

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